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icon1100% Content

All videos on SemJam are live recordings of speeches, seminars, workshops and entire specialist conventions.

Authentic, unadulterated and full-length. You are part of the audience. See and hear everything.

The best thing about SemJam: Important content will be preserved. A better than live experience!

icon2100% Freedom

Experience your videos on SemJam anytime and from anywhere, in digestible, individual chapters or all at once – all in your own time. From home, at the office, on your vacation or simply on the go. With coworkers, friends or all by yourself. On your PC, tablet or smartphone. What you want, as often as you want, with whom you want. Again and again.

icon3100% WIN-WIN-WIN

Whether you are a participant, coach or seminar organizer – everyone benefits from SemJam. In addition to the obvious benefit to participants, SemJam offers lucrative and ample opportunity to market your expertise. With SemJam, speakers and presenters can reach thousands of prospective participants, increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Easy, transparent and fully automated.
A real win-win-win situation.

About us

SemJam is a project and trademark of
United Entertainment Promotion GmbH

United Entertainment is an internationally operating full service agency for events, engagement of artists and media productions. With a team of passionate professionals and over 10,000 completed projects under our belt, we have been helping our clients succeed since 1993.

The number of people investing in education in hopes of making a better future for themselves keeps increasing. Experts, lecturers and coaches are hired to speak at events to impart their expertise to others. This begs the question: how much of this knowledge does an average listener retain in their memory? Scientific research has shown that, under certain circumstances, humans are able to retain a maximum of 10-50% of information after a single session. Conversely, this means that 50-90% of all information is lost permanently! This is where SemJam comes into play.

In the digital age we live in, any such loss of information is completely avoidable, especially with today’s technological means at our disposal. SemJam leverages these technologies as well as years of experience to permanently preserve knowledge and make it readily available.

SemJam’s primary objective isn’t to provide a platform for webinars or online courses, advertising videos or the sale of DVDs. Instead, SemJam aims to be an online platform and knowledge base providing one-to-one live recordings of speeches, seminars, workshops and entire specialist conventions.

SemJam was founded on July 17th, 2017. On the same day, the first seminar video went live on our website. SemJam is a young, ambitious and dynamic project with the vision and aim to evolve into a comprehensive, high-quality online knowledge base in the coming years.

Together, we can make use of the tools provided by the digital age and preserve and disseminate invaluable expertise and knowledge. Everyone has the right to education – and SemJam makes accessing resources to get educated even easier and more comfortable.



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If you have any questions regarding SemJam please feel free to contact us via phone, email or our contact form.

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